Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sole Survivor

Today was to final day of my boss Ryan.
We worked together for 4.5 years.
There were times of agony and dispair.
There were some fun times too.

Many people disliked him and his management style
and left as a result.
As a matter of fact, I have seen at least 15 people come and go.

He was to one who took a chance on me and flew me out here from Washington DC durning the summer of 2001.
That was a point when I was really desparate and needed work really bad so
it came at a really good time.

Since then I lived in four different places in Southern California, 4 mountain bikes, and moved around 6 different times in this building.

In anycase, I wish him well.
New things to come, hopefully lots of good things.
It is just strange to be here as the sole survivor or maybe just the only one left of the original crew.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That was then, this is now

Hounddog skating the dreaded steel death monster in OC in 1987. Photo?Messick?

Hounddog in 2005 riding the mountain at Hurkey Creek, Sept 2005!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ride till you crash

Rode Trabuco Creek Sunday
Basically a dirt road until you get to the Holy Jim Trail. Did about 4 miles up the mountain at Holy Jim and then came back. Need to do this with someone (and not by myself)

Rode Whiting Ranch/Edision in the dark on Monday
CygoLite Night Explorer LightThis was a good experience for me. A lot of fun with the new light system. Got this cool Cygolite system for under a hundred bucks!

Rode Whiting today with a bunch of dudes that are really fast in design and crashed! Was riding the extra credit part and trying to keep up with Tony Kern on the downhill part. He rides a downhill racing bike with 8 inches of travel. Anyway, my foot came out of the pedal and I was trying to put it back in the clip and started to hit the rocky section and just lost my balance and slammed like a sack of potatoes! My knee cap is a bit brusied up but nothing to bad. Just glad that I didn't f* up my carbon fiber frame in the process...

So the weather man is calling for rain the next two days so that should give me some time to heal up my knee and get my brakes fixed (I think there is a leak in the hydrolic system after the slam).

Stay tuned!