Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Close encounters with Rattlesnakes!

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Just got back from riding Whiting Ranch at lunch by myself. I was pretty much taking my time just listening to songs on my cd-mp3 player. Along the ride I saw a bobcat which was sitting in the trail. I stopped and took a look at him. He was suprised to seem me stareing him down. Towards the end I took a way that I usually don't take when I ride with Brett, which goes through a shady single-track path. I was crusing down the downhill part when I saw a Sidewinder on the trail, coiled up and ready to strike! As I passed him, I lifted the backend of my bike up to a kind of hop. Luckly he didn't strike. That was close. They usually are not out during the day. I have not seen too many this summer. I guess it is getting near fall, and just like in the spring when the are coming out of hibernation. Now they are preparing to go into the winter hibernation.

Going to be a lot of Rattlesnakes this fall. Something to be very careful of when riding trails!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Tomac is cool!

I am down with the new Eli Tomac. I did a ride with Brett and think I like it a lot better. The change came when I did the downhill section at Whiting Ranch. I rode my Trek home that night and I still like it just as much. I think I will ride the Tomac on the trails home tonight!

Tomac is cool!

Eat fruit! Your will live longer

I try to eat an assortment of fruit every morning. This day consists of about 4 bannanas, blueberrys, oatmeal and of course soy milk.

Seems to do the trick, and I don't get hungry when I go long rides.

EAT MORE FRUIT. You will live longer and happier life!

Monday, August 08, 2005

daily routine

This morning Brittany's 13 year old nephew Clayton left to go back to his grandmother's Oakland, then back to his home in Portland. He is a cool kid and it was nice to have him down here. Bummed that we didn't make it to the skatepark around the corner.

Now I am back in my daily routine, which means work and lunchtime rides with my buddy Brett. I have not found anyone I like to ride with as much as Brett, and most of the time we have stimulating conversations about current events or other stuff while riding and getting a good workout.

I was going to ride my new Tomac in this morning, but I decided to use my Trek. I think I like the Trek a lot more than I though I would. The Tomac is an all mountain. Not sure how much I like this. I guess the guys at the Tomac factory must have thought that I wanted a really strong frame. Well, now at least I have a cross country and a all mountain bike that are up to date. A few years back I remember someone telling me something that you should buy a new mountain bike every 2 years and this may be true if you ride every day. I just figure that I will ride the bike until the frame breaks! I am very careful when I ride, and try to avoid anything that would harm my bike in anyway, but I still put a lot of pressure on it.

I am pretty soar after riding Whiting on Saturday and O'neil Park on Sunday. I will be back on the Whiting trail in about 45 minutes for a ride with Brett.

Back to the heat!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New Tomac Frame!

I broke my old Tomac Special 98 pro frame and sent it back to the factory via Supergo. Just got it back from Supergo yesterday and what they replaced it with is an 'all mountain' eli frame opposed to the cross country one which I sent in. I guess I am lucky that I broke the frame within the warranty, which would have ended after the three years that I have had the bike.

I took it out on a ride from my house to Whiting Ranch yesterday. The first thing I noticed is how much larger this frame is that my new Trek Fuel 100. I feel like I am sitting up 2 feet higher! Seems heavier too.

I pumped up the shocks this morning to a pressure more suited for my weight. Might try another ride on it this afternoon. Not sure how much I like this bike anymore. Have to wait and see... I thought I was not going to like the Trek when I first started riding it because it was such a small frame.

In my upcoming 24 hour race I think I will bring them both, but use the Tomac as just a back up.

Tubless Tires
I have noticed a big difference in speed when I ride with bald tubless Bontrager Super X tires. I think I will start using these again. I switched to tube tires on my Trek, but there is a noticeable difference in friction. Seems to make a big difference when I climb hills out here.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Diggin' the new tech

This car is really cool.
A revolutionary new car is taking shape and will drive 120 miles for only $2

* Zero Pollution
* No gasoline, no diesel, no batteries, no electric motors.
* Has a top speed of 68 MPH
* Has a range of 124 miles
* Can recharge in your garage in 3 to 4 hours from a 220v plug, or...
* Can recharge at a filling station in 2 minutes
* Costs less than $2 per recharge (for 124 miles)
* Has very low maintenance costs (far fewer moving parts in the engine, so less to go wrong)
* Gets air conditioning "for free" using the expanded gas from the engine for cooling.
* Is being built in 4 models -- a car, a 5-passenger taxi, a pick-up and a van.

And the most amazing part -- the car will cost only 5,500 pounds in the UK, which translates into less that $10,000 in the U.S.